Speaker Info

Invite authors of Renewable Referrals to speak at your next business function or trade association meeting:

Jeff Stec

Jeff’s background as a former high-tech executive, small business owner, and now Marketing Consultant to small business gives him a unique perspective from which to speak.  Jeff speaks on general marketing topics, email marketing & social media, and applications of technology to solve business problems (e.g. CRMs).  Jeff offers brief free talks to networking groups as well as longer paid workshops. | Download a copy of Jeff’s “Speaker’s Kit”

Contact: Jeff at jstec@TylericaSystems.com or (512)522-8750

Dawn Westerberg

Dawn is passionate about marketing and loves to talk about it. She’s known for taking a creative view on marketing topics that are fresh and actionable for  your audience such as lead generation, social media and content marketing. | View more topics & details

Contact: Dawn at dawn@dawnwesterberg.com or (512) 656-4527