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Most of my business already comes from referrals. Why would I spend dedicated time on this if it’s already working?

Success in business comes with creating and refining proven systems for getting the results you want. When you invest the time and attention to fine-tune your referral marketing system, you’ll find that incremental improvements yield exponentially better results.

By improving your referral marketing system, you’ll get more of the great results you’re already enjoying: the opportunity to speed up your sales cycle by borrowing the trust and credibility of your referral partners as they deliver almost-closed business right to you.

If you’ve got the basics of a referral marketing program working for you right now, you may be surprised how easy it is to make some improvements to the system so you get even more referrals. Check out the book Renewable Referrals  and learn how to fill your sales funnel to the brim with ideal customers.