How do I ask for referrals without sounding desperate or too salesy?

Nothing feels worse than desperately begging for customers, except maybe feeling like a slick and slimy salesperson. The good news is, with an effective referral marketing program, you’ll never feel that way.

Referral marketing is built on a solid relationship, and at its core is the desire to help everyone involved: the customer, the referral partner, and yourself.  When you know how to create a win for everyone, it feels good, not slimy or salesy. Everyone gets what they need, and nobody feels ‘sold’ this way.

Successful referral marketing requires a mindset that is committed to making the best-aligned matches between need and solution possible. You can learn how to do that, with complete integrity, when you get the book Renewable Referrals. Guaranteed to be 100% slime-free.