Renewable Referrals Authors

Marketing Results Crew no Name 800 wideThe Renewable Referrals authors, came together in late 2013, a group of top marketing consultants spanning the nation from Atlanta, Washington DC, and Miami out to Austin and Southern California, who work together to craft masterfully designed marketing strategies that get results for their clients.

The author’s prime directive with marketing stems from their certification training as Duct Tape Marketing Consultants: Strategy Before Tactics.

The authors have seen this mantra-worthy phrase play out in every business vertical from local businesses selling to consumers all the way through the opposite end of the spectrum, international businesses selling to other businesses. The author’s share a reputation for the kind of clear thinking that gets results. In high demand, both as consultants and presenters, many of the author’s have been featured speakers at national conferences, presented at local workshops, and together have helped thousands of business owners through hundreds of online presentations. Several have even written and published contributions for prominent publications and other marketing books.

Working with any one of the Renewable Referrals author’s may just be the smartest move any business could make – not just because they help build awareness while generating leads and attracting positive attention for their clients’ businesses, but also because when you work with one author, you also get the benefits of the whole group’s expertise.

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Dawn Westerberg

Kelly Weppler Hernandez

Rosie Taylor

Jeff Stec

Ray L. Perry

Debbie DeChambeau