Four Ways to Build Word of Mouth Marketing: Is It Social Media or Word of Mouth?

Nowadays, most small businesses hear that social media is a magic marketing strategy that will grow their business exponentially.  And because there are so many different forms of social media these days, I hear people asking, “Should I use Twitter or Facebook?  Pinterest or Instagram?  Digg or Reddit?”  But just how valuable is social media?  Is it something you should be focusing so much effort on?

The purpose of social media is to develop a relationship with your clients and build an actual connection by establishing trust.  Social media helps you to be able to dialogue with your customer base.  If you can communicate with your customers and potential customers regularly, it will start to do the selling for you.

But you can’t simply participate in social media and expect that to automatically develop a connection.  You need to establish trust by demonstrating a passion for your product or service and sounding like an actual human, rather than a robot behind a computer screen.  Before you share something on social media, be sure that it will help to establish your credibility and build trust.  If it won’t accomplish either of these goals, there’s no point in sharing it.

Always keep in mind that even though you’re interacting virtually, ultimately you’re still interacting with real people, and that it’s real people who will buy your product or service.  That’s why it’s so important to make your social media marketing personal.  Here are a few ways that you can build your word of mouth marketing with social media.

  1. Think like a customer when you’re using social media.  Pay attention to what’s being said online about your industry.  Be curious about your customers, ask them questions and figure out exactly what will help them the most.
  2. Be consistent.  You can’t just post once a month and establish trust.  If you post at regular times, then people will know when to expect to get information from you.  If you go too long without posting, people will forget about you.
  3. Establish a personal connection.  You’re going to need to share some personal information to do this.  Be open about challenges you’ve faced that your followers will be able to relate to.  Share with them what made you start in your field and what you’ve learned from the mistakes you’ve made.  When you share, they will in turn share back; always be sure to thank them for their comments.
  4. Share the experience of doing business with you.  Take them through a step by step process.  Show them why it’s so exciting to do business with your company.  Utilize photographs, quotes from clients, event information, and post exciting results.  This will help your customers start to talk about what your company is doing online, and then consequently offline as well.

Marketing is all about building trust, and once you establish trust, you can expect to benefit from that elusive word of mouth marketing that is so effective.  Social media is one of the best ways to get word of mouth marketing, so take advantage.  Never have businesses had so much control over augmenting word of mouth marketing before.