6 Ways to Build Referral Partner Content

6-Ways-to-Build-ImageReferrals are one of the most valuable assets of your business and referral partner content is one the best ways to promote those relationships.  Referrals can help your business expand more than almost anything else.  Having a referral marketing system is a crucial part of having a business.  Your referral network can even help you to build content, and we all know how vital content is in the age of the internet.

“Content is king.”  I’m sure you’ve heard that more times than you care to remember.  But it’s true.  Content is king, especially when its valuable and educates readers.  But this can be one of the most difficult parts of running your business.  After all, how many times can you write about the value of your products and services?  For this reason, leveraging your referral network to help add content and build your online presence should be highly appealing to you.  Here are six ways that you can use your  network to build referral partner content.

  1. Get guest blog posts from referral and strategic partners.  What other business owner wouldn’t want to trade blog posts?  After you’ve written so many articles for your own website and business, writing a quick article for another business will feel like a piece of cake.  For example, I know a dentist and a chiropractor who exchange blog posts once every week.  This same dentist also exchanges blog posts with a pathologist once a month.  This makes his ever-present need for content seem less daunting.
  2. Utilize video and audio interviews.  If you’re one of those people that doesn’t enjoy writing, then this is a great option for you.  You can interview someone within your referral network to create content either for your blog, or else for social media.  The best part is that with enough planning, the interview can take just a few minutes.  Just be sure that you let your colleagues know the questions ahead of time so that they can be prepared.
  3. Attend networking events.  This is a three-for-one opportunity.  First, post to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media sites an announcement that you’ll be at a specific event.  Then, at the event, put up another post in real-time – something like a photo or video, highlighting your referral partners that are there, and a few major points.  Then, write a blog post about what you learned at the event.
  4. Showcase one of your referral partners.  Show your audience why you refer this partner and the value that they bring you.  Most of us have actually used the businesses, services, and products of our referral partners, so this shouldn’t be difficult.  Put your experiences with them into a case study, giving both a testimonial and the results of the case study.  By doing so, you’ll build trust not only for their company, but for yours as well.
  5. Read and comment on posts from your referral partners.  This is an important part of building content.  When you comment on the blog posts, social media posts, videos, etc. from your referral partners, they’ll be inclined to return the favor.  And all of these comments will encourage comments from others online as well, so this is a double-edged sword.
  6. Write about your referral network.  Highlight someone within your referral network on your blog.  Compliment their efforts and tell your audience how they help you and the community.

Building content is one of the most difficult aspects of business in the age of the internet.  But building referral partner content is one of the most valuable ways you can promote your network.  By utilizing your referral network, you can find even more creative ways to build quality content, and relieve stress in both your life as well as in the lives of those in your referral network.