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What Could a Powerful Referral Marketing Program Do for Your Business?


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“What I enjoyed most about this book is the practical approach it takes towards strategic partnering for referrals. Renewable Referrals takes a systematic approach to referrals and breaks it down into actionable pieces that will repeatedly produce consistent results year after year.”
John Jantsch

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Are you interested in getting a copy of our book “Renewable Referrals: How to Cultivate More Profits” for free and have one of the authors review your existing referral marketing strategy? If so, get started today by completing the Referral Marketing Strategy Audit. The Referral Marketing Strategy Audit is a valuable tool that measures the effectiveness of your existing referral marketing strategy guided by the proven methods of our book “Renewable Referrals: How to Cultivate More Profits“.

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Strategic Partner Referral Program

Do you need help implementing a strategic referral marketing program into your business? As a reader of our book “Renewable Referrals: How to Cultivate More Profits” you already know that referrals are simultaneously the best source of new business and the most overlooked strategy in revenue generation. If you are interested in taking your referral marketing strategy to the next level, then you will want to check out our new companion guide and workbook titled “Strategic Partner Referral Program“. This new program includes both a 40 page step-by-step guide and 50 page workbook. Both the guide and workbook are full of helpful tips and tricks and include sample worksheets and a 12 month action plan. This is a must have addition to our book “Renewable Referrals: How to Cultivate More Profits” and will definitely help with implementing a high performance referral marketing system into their business.

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